General Construction

Tehama offers CAT® Building Construction equipments you need to keep you productive all day long . These include for Residential, Commercial and Concrete Construction.

Heavy Construction

Tehama offers a wide range of CAT® heavy construction equipments that deliver the quality of work your reputation depends on. These include Road Construction, Underground utilities, hauling systems.


Tehama offers a wide range of CAT® Marine Power System – Medium & High Speed Diesel Engines, Generator sets and Auxiliary Engines.


Tehama offers the broadest line of CAT® mining equipments in the industry. CAT® mining systems work harder, last longer and help move material at a lower cost.

Oil & Gas

Tehama offers CAT® Power Systems for Oil & Gas applications including Gas compression, Land and Offshore drilling & production, Well Servicing, Workover Rigs, Mechanical drives for cranes, fire pumps, fracturing pumps, Generator Sets and Power Modules.


Tehama offers a complete solution for the paving industry through a wide range of CAT® Paving Products – Asphalt Pavers, Cold Planers, Pneumatic Compactors, Reclaimers, Screed, Utility Compactors, Vibratory Asphalt Compactors, Vibratory Soil Compactors.


Tehama offers a wide range of CAT® pipeline products to meet the challenges in pipe laying industry – be it Clearing or Grading or Ditching or Stringing or Road Bores or Pipe Bending or Welding or Coating or Lowering in or Back filling or Clean up & Restoration.

Power Plants

Tehama provide major power generation equipment, project design, construction, operation and maintenance and offer a complete range of solutions to meet all your power plants need.

Quarry, Aggregates and Cement

Tehama offers reliable CAT® equipment to meet the tough challenges of the quarry and aggregate industry including Stripping, Drilling-Blasting-Ripping, Loading, Hauling, Processing, Load out.

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